Riders Ready.

CHIRO RIDE is an open invitation for riders to ride in and around Griffith and the Riverina NSW.
CHIRO RIDE - The origins.

What happens when riders talk about their ride.

Launch of CHIRO RIDE

So, my brother, Barend sat down in my lounge room and started talking about his latest motorbike rides. I live in Griffith and work as a Chiropractor, and he is a business man in Melbourne. He rides a Motto Guzzi - California. Of course, the windows in the house and even the couch vibrated as he would start the bike. Not having a motorcycle license, I really had no real idea of what he was talking about. The lean of the bike, the power, riders etiquette and so forth. But, I was hooked by the lure of the adventure, the 'twisties', the smells, the open road, and the challenge of getting a license. Just a few months later I got my license and a Can -Am Ryker. Soon after CHIRO RIDE was born.

           "Let's not ride alone. Let's ride with more."

     CHIRO RIDE departs from: Riverina Family Chiropractic

5 Kooba Street Griffith NSW.

Jos van den Hoek , ChiropractorTel:(02) 69624264


Jos van den Hoek- Founder of CHIRO RIDE